Forms- To accompany online bookings   

Listing of policies

Payment form using Credit Card or PO

Fees and Charges Policy

BMA UG induction booking kit Refund Policy 

Pre-Enrolment Handbook

Refund Application Form 

Firearms - Form 33

Special Learning Need Policy 

FAQs for online bookings

Code of Practice

  Access and Equity Policy


Client Access Policy

Forms - Paperbase Booking Forms


Moranbah course dates booking form Sept-Dec

GI passport order form (prepared and posted from Brisbane)

Brisbane course dates booking form Sept-Dec 

RPL Mutual Recognition Policy

All course dates venues Sept-Dec 

RPL Guidelines

BMA Broadmeadow booking kit

Quality Policy

Moranbah Firearms booking kit and Form 33

Appeals Policy

Emerald Firearms booking kit and Form 33

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Undermanager pre-enrolment guide

Grievance Policy

 Deputy pre-enrolment guide

Privacy Policy

OCE pre-enrolment guide

General booking and payment form

Heights and confined space eligibility form


Std11 booking eligibility questionnaire