Forms- To accompany online bookings   

Listing of policies

Payment form using Credit Card or Purchase Order

Fees and Charges Policy

Pre-Enrolment Handbook

Refund Policy

Firearms - Form 33

Refund Application Form

FAQs for online bookings

Special Learning Need Policy

BMA UG induction booking kit

Code of Practice


Access and Equity Policy

Forms - Paperbase Booking Forms

Client Access Policy

Moranbah course dates booking form Feb-Mar

GI passport order form (prepared and posted from Brisbane)

All course dates venues Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr

RPL Mutual Recognition Policy

Brisbane course dates booking form Jan-Feb

RPL Guidelines

BMA Broadmeadow booking kit - printable

Quality Policy

Std11 booking eligibility questionnaire

Appeals Policy

Heights and confined space eligibility form

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Deputy pre-enrolment guide

Grievance Policy

OCE pre-enrolment guide

Privacy Policy

Undermanager pre-enrolment guide

General booking and payment form

Moranbah Firearms booking kit and Form 33

Emerald Firearms booking kit and Form 33