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Standard 11


Supervisor & Risk

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Course Schedule (click for PDF)

See course price page for details - refer below for eligibility and enquire with us

Standard 11 is a requirement for the Queensland Coal mines which is also to be refreshed every five (5) years.

Programs are held for Surface mineworkers as well as Underground mineworkers.

If you have current or recent experience of working in the resource sector (in QLD, NSW or WA), talk to us about your eligibility to sit the refresher.

Otherwise you can join the full program for the surface (2 days) or the surface & underground (3 days).  You may be a New Entrant that requires a work experience logbook to be done.

Course Schedule (click for PDF)

See course price page for details - refer below for eligiblity and enquire with us

Mining legislation requires a person to hold particular competencies to be appointed in a supervisory role and to refresh them every five (5) years.

The Supervisor program, colloquially referred to as "S123" will cover the three competency units from the RII training package.

If you have a current or recent appointment as a Supervisor you may be eligible to sit the refresher.

For those with no Mine Supervisor experience you would join the full program (2 days).

QLD Statutory roles

Lennon Training offer the following qualifications which each are a prerequisite of the Board of Examiners (current as of 22 September 2020) to be able to apply to the Board to sit the respective examination:

Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations - Deputy's certificate of competency

Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management

- Second class mine manager's certificate of competency

Certificate IV in Surface Coal Mining (Open Cut Examiner)

- OCE certificate of competency

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